Need help to choose the right wooden fingerboard?

This article is exactly for you.


Basic questions you need to answer:

Are you a beginner, advanced or professional rider?

How much money do you want to spend on the fingerboard?

What deck width do you prefer?


Beginner, advanced or professional rider?

If you are buying your first fingerboard and gaining your first experience in fingerboarding, we recommend starting with a 29mm WoodClub fingerboard, which has the basic REGULAR trucks and wheels.

As you improve over time, you'll move on to the more advanced 32mm WoodClub fingerboards or 34mm WoodClub fingerboards, which we offer in a variety of colours and even with PREMIUM or ELITE hardware.


How much money do you want to spend on the fingerboard?

The most affordable fingerboards are 29mm WoodClub and 32mm WoodClub fingerboards, which you can find in our store from 12.95€ or 18.95€ respectively.

The package includes REGULAR wheels and trucks and they represent an incredible value for money.


If you want to invest more money in your fingerboard and pay extra for top quality, then we recommend fingerboards from these collections:

32mm WoodClub EXCLUSIVE

34mm WoodClub EXCLUSIVE

33.3mm Blackriver

The package includes the highest quality WoodClub PREMIUM or ELITE wheels and trucks.


Which deck width do you prefer?

The width of the deck depends on your preferences. Everyone prefers a different deck width. In order to make every fingerboard rider happy, we offer a wide selection of decks in our shop:

29mm Fingerboards

32mm Fingerboards

33.3mm Fingerboards

34mm Fingerboards