About Us

WoodClub is a European fingerboarding brand founded in 2016.

We offer high-quality wooden fingerboards and accessories for beginners and advanced fingerboarders. We are an authorised reseller of Blackriver Ramps, Berlinwood and Bollie.

After acquiring a huge fan base of fingerboarders from France, Poland, Slovakia and Czech Republic, we finally launched international version of the store, so we can ship to all EU countries and worldwide!

Our goal is to provide all fingerboard fans in with high-quality wooden fingerboards and accessories at affordable prices!

Professional wooden fingerboards are of higher quality and guarantee a much better fingerboarding experience than ordinary plastic fingerboards.

In our store you can find a broad variety of wooden fingerboards, trucks, wheels, ramps, rails, obstacles and all accessories including foam tapes, board rails, fingerboard bags etc.

WoodClub Team is always available to you, feel free to contact us at any time.